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With Sasquatch just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your festival schedule. Being the music junkie I am, I’ve been pouring over their line up since it’s released, trying to figure out where I’ll be every minute of every day. Of course, my schedule is fraught with conflicts, but if you’re torn over who to see I’m going to do you a favor and let you know some of my top picks to catch Monday.

Gold Leaves, Photo via Facebook

Yeti stage has a ton of gold happening this Sasquatch weekend, but Monday at 12:15 you should be there to see Gold Leaves in particular. They’re sort of dreamy, but the kind of dream that is memorable and cozy. If you’re like me and need to be coddled first thing in the morning, start your last day at Sasquatch here while Gold Leaves sway us into consciousness via their album The Ornament.

Grouplove is a perfect follow up after Gold Leaves. At 1:05 get over to the Sasquatch stage to check out this bunch of up and comers. They’re getting some pretty major radio airplay, best know for ‘Tongue Tied”- a song that is pure bliss. It’s like summer floating through the air waves into your ears.

If Damien Jurado is playing and you’re not there, you’re insane. He’s taking over the Bigfoot stage at 2:45, presumably playing songs off Maraqopa, which was just named one of Amazon’s best albums of the year. If you’re a fan of all the folk music that has been floating around Seattle, it’s safe to say you probably owe a thank you to this man. His song writing is some of the best out there, and his live performances are captivating and soul stirring.

Whenever you need to wake the heck up, just turn on Don’t Talk to the Cops. This hip hop two-some are playing the Maine stage at 3:20 and will be more than ready to get you on your feat with tracks like ‘When They Drop the Bomb’ and ‘Guess I’m Strange.’ There’s something special about the music they make- it’s catchy and vibrant, and having hip hop like this coming out of our city is something to be insanely proud of.

So Fun. is playing at the same time as Fresh Espresso, but with a new album on the way from this Seattle hip hop pair you should plan on hanging out with Fun. some other time and go the Maine stage at 4:25. It’s safe to assume they’ll be debuting some new material, and after seeing them at Capitol Hill Block Party last year, I can promise you they’re dynamite live.

Feist, Photo via Facebook

Feist is playing the Sasquatch stage at 5:30, and will likely be playing a whole lot of material from her newest album, Metals. If you haven’t heard the new album but are at all a fan of her earlier material, you’ll love it. Her voice has the ability to make a listener float while simultaneously keeping the ground from falling away. She produces beautiful material, and it will no doubt be amplified at the Gorge.

Keep the evening going with The Cave Singers at Bigfoot at 6:50. These guys are just magic; their music perfectly combines so much that is good about folk and indie music without sounding tired. Check out their song ‘Dancing in Our Graves’ below.

The 8 o’clock hour gets hectic. SBTRKT is on at the Banana stage at 8, so stay for part of that set and dance out whatever energy you have left over after 4 days of sunshine and music. At 8:30 Tenacious D starts their set at the Sasquatch stage, and I think this will be a hugely memorable performance. It’s the D, how can it not be?!

Beck wraps up your Sasquatch weekend on the Sasquatch stage starting at 10. If you’ve made it through the weekend, reward yourself with a finale of ‘Loser.’

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