May you smile like your free donut.

Free Donuts Anyone?

Everyone loves a holiday.  The most favored holidays, in my opinion, are the federally recognized holidays that result in a day off work or school.  Coming in second  place are the holidays where you get presents.  Don’t be shocked and/or appalled by materialism,  presents are nice things.  I think coming in at a close third are the holidays with songs.  Bonus points points if any one holiday.  June 1 isn’t Christmas but if you celebrate the right way, it may be the next best thing.  What’s June 1, you ask.  Why, it’s National Donut Day.

National Donut Day was actually created by the Salvation Army as a way to honor the woman who bought donuts to World War I soldiers in the 1930’s. Eventually, it became a more commercialized event, celebrating the donut itself as opposed to the people who served them.  In 2009, franchises and independent donut shops began offering free donuts as a way to honor both the day and the donut.  Dunkin donuts, for example, the self proclaimed donut retailer on which America runs, is celebrating with the perfect pairing, donuts and coffee.    Any beverage purchase, tea included, earns you a free donut.  Krispy Kreme will premiere its Key Lime Donut, a donut filled with a blend of original cream and key lime cream topped with white icing and graham cracker crumble, in honor of the day.

“Thursday [is] National Hunger Awareness Day,” writes Vancouver Sun reporter, Chris Parry, “so it only stands to reason that the day after would be National Doughnut Day.”  Unfortunately for Parry, a Canadian journalist, this holiday is purely American, though not every donut retailer is participating.  Check with your favorite donut shop to find out they’re participating in the day.   Happy Donut Day, may your day be filled with sugary sweetness.


Community Celebrate National Donut Day with a Free Donut on June 1