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Funeral For A Friend Lose Drummer


Funeral For a Friend
For whatever it’s worth, I’ve never been too keen on these dudes — but I know a bunch of misguided folks absolutely dig ‘em. So, I figured at least one of my readers would care to know someone jumped the Funeral For A Friend ship. claim that Funeral For A Friend have parted ways with their drummer/vocalist Ryan Richards.

Pat Lundy (formerly of Rise To Remain) has allegedly replaced him. Dude will make his live debut with the band this weekend in the U.K., of course.

So why did Richards leave?

“After ten wonderful, enriching, emotional and fascinating years being a part of Funeral For A Friend — I’ve decided to hang up my drum sticks,” dude says in a statement.

“I’ve always put music first in my life — but the time has come now for my family to take the top spot, after patiently waiting and supporting me for the last 10 years and more. I’m stoked to have my good friend Pat Lundy step into my vacant drumstool. There’s not a better drummer than Pat for the job.”

The band have been in the studio as of late, putting together their next album with producer Romesh Dodangoda at the helm.