Who Doesn’t Love Free Food?

If you’re like me, you like to celebrate your birthday the entire month.  If you’re not like me, in this respect, you should be.  The extended celebration of self is a lot of fun and makes up for the struggles of the year’s other 11 months.  One of the best ways to have a month long birthday celebration is by signing up for as many free things as possible.  Many businesses offer free or discounted products during the month of your birthday. You can spread them out over the month or, at very little expense to you, eat your way through your birthday.

Morning Coffee – Starbucks
The Starbucks Gold Card let’s everyone know that you are a loyal customer, have excellent taste in coffee for which you spend a tremendous amount of money, and/or have a minor coffee addiction. For being a gold card member, a status that comes about by making all my purchases with a registered gift card, I recently received a postcard from Starbucks that said, “It’s your birthday, can we buy you a drink?”  That’s right, you get a free drink just for being born and loving coffee.

A different kind of birthday cake

Breakfast -  IHOP
I go to IHOP three times a year.  One for free pancake day, the second,  for unlimited pancakes, and the third visit is for my birthday.  “Since you were born on the best day ever,” IHOP says about a week before your big day, “we’re giving you a Free birthday meal offer!” Advance sign up, which involves monthly emails about breakfast foods, is required but it’s a small price to pay for free pancakes.

Lunch – Noodles
Colorado residents know all about the wonders of Noodle’s and Company, a fast food restaurant dedicated to pasta and noodles.  I’ve always preferred the Italian options with the tofu, which is excellent, by the way,  but the Wisconsin Macaroni and Cheese is also a popular option favored by most of my friends.  Noodles has a exclusive club just for Noodles lovers.  Noodlegrams, as it is called, alerts members to news about deals, products, and events and gives them a free dish on their birthday.

Mid-day Snack  – Rita’s Italian Ice
People on the East Coast know all about Rita’s Water Ice, whose tag line, “Ice Custard Happiness,” is both their promise and an excellent suggestion.  Rita’s Birthday Club can be found through a picture on their website that says, “Sign up today and get free stuff.”  You get a coupon for signing up,  information on new flavors and deals, and a free water ice on your birthday, or since Rita’s is opened only in the warm weather months, your half birthday.

Pre-dinner Coffee – Dunkin Donuts
I love Donuts. I love coffee.  Therefore it makes sense that I would love Dunkin Donuts.  Like Starbucks, membership into the DD Perks’ Reward program requires the purchase and registration of a gift card.  You can buy the card at any Dunkin Donuts location or for more personalization options, such as a card with your face on it, you can purchase it online.  On your birthday, Dunkin Donuts rewards you with a free Medium drink of your choice.

Dinner – California Pizza Kitchen or Applebee’s
If you chose to dine at California Pizza Kitchen, let your server know it’s your birthday and get a free ice cream sundae.  I know from experience the dessert comes generously topped with walnuts, so if you have nut allergies you might want to let them know that too.   Applebee’s has a free dessert option as well.  The downside is this dessert comes with a special birthday song from the entire wait staff. And probably some of the customers.

Desert -  Coldstone Creamery
Advance sign up is required and this deal involves sharing with a friend.  Or not.  You can totally enjoy this all by yourself.   Coldstone’s birthday gift to you is a free ice cream creation with the purchase of one.  If I were you I would make your friend buy the ice cream, it’s your birthday after all.

Evening Coffee – Dutch Bros Coffee
Drive up. Order the Kicker, Double Torture, Oregon Chai Latte, or anyone of 24 speciality drinks or Dutch Bros Coffees.  Tell them it’s your birthday.  Drive away with a free drink.  What better way to end your day than with a reminder that, sometimes, life can be that simple.

For more birthday freebies visit: http://www.frugalliving.tv/free-stuff/birthday-freebies.html

Food Eat Your Way Through Your Birthday For (Mostly) Free