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Best of Sasquatch 2012: Fresh Espresso

Fresh Espresso, Photo by Christopher Nelson

It was confusing to many having two stages with all too similar names, but if you caught Fresh Espresso on the Maine stage on Monday afternoon, you were at the right place. Seattle hip hop is becoming more and more respected, and Fresh Espresso deserves some credit for that as they’re making some of the most fun, well written rhymes under the needle. This was all on display Monday afternoon to a young, eager crowd of fans who were ready to party with P Smoov and Rik Rude.

With the release of their upcoming album Bossalona quickly approaching, these Michigan natives came prepared to get their fans amped to pick up copies- a few of which were available at the festival. By combining old favorite songs like ‘Sunglasses On’ and ‘Girls in Fast Cars’ with new features from their new album, they captured everyone’s attention from start to finish. The music that Fresh Espresso writes has the ability to be fun and light, while at the same time they sneak in meaningful, thought provoking statements with unexepected ease. These are they kind of guys who would be frat boy philosophy majors- there’s so much more than meets the eye with their messages.

One thing that sets this pair in the same category as the other notable Seattle hip hop artist (Macklemore) of recent years is that they seem to be genuinely having a blast on stage. At separate moments, both members rushed towards the barrier to get closer and more intimate with their audience. They seem to be truly appreciative of their fans and know that what the people want is to be entertained, so that’s what they did from start to finish. This was one of the most unabashed fun sets that I made it to over the weekend- they weren’t trying too hard to come off as cool, they were just there to have a great time with their fans.