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Best of Sasquatch 2012: STRFKR

STRFKR, Photo by Christopher Nelson

Whether you knew them as STRFKR or Starfucker, after their performances (yes, plural) at Sasquatch, my guess is that you’re now a huge fan of this band. They played first a scheduled performance in the Banana Shack on Friday night followed by another at the Bigfoot Stage Saturday afternoon.

If you’ve listened to STRFKR but never seen them live, it’s easy to assume like other electronic acts around that what you’re hearing is just one DJ mixing beats and samples together while adding vocals. That though couldn’t be further from the truth. This four man band (Josh Hodges, Keil Corcoran, Shawn Glassford, Patrick Morris) plays together to create a complex sound that combines live drums, guitars, vocals, keys, and synths that creates the sort of dance music that gets any crowd moving. What is also special about the music that STRFKR performed live to the packed Sasquatch crowds is that it truly doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with their material or not. Every song is catchy enough to grab and keep your attention from start to finish.

Truly, it didn’t matter which performance you caught- their first in the Banana Shack or their second at Bigfoot- STRFKR would have impressed you at either. Their sets mainly contained songs from their albums such as Reptilians or Heaven’s Children, as well as a really fun surprise cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. When it comes down to it, STRFKR delivered what they do best, put on a show that combined pop hooks and dance beats and energized a crowd that wanted to dance. Their music is just perfect for that, and watching them perform is entertainment in and of itself- they’re a fun live show to be a part of.

The performance at Bigfoot proved thoroughly that they don’t need a light show to win fans over and put on a memorable show, however I will say- everything’s a little better with neon screens and a smoke machine.

STRFKR, Photo by Christopher Nelson