The Head and The Heart, Photo by Kyle Johnson
The Head and The Heart, Photo by Kyle Johnson

With the pit and the hill of Sasquatch’s main stage packed, it’s hard to believe that Seattle’s own The Head and the Heart only have one album on the shelves. While they’ve been making the rounds through local venues for quite some time, this year has been filled with non-stop national touring, where they’ve been consistently selling out venues from coast to coast.

With their performance at Sasquatch Sunday in the early evening, their Seattle area fans gave them a welcome that will be hard to forget, and the band showed their gratitude by playing a set composed of all their most beloved songs from their self titled album, as well as a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

The band began their set with ‘Down in the Valley,’ a song which showcases this band’s song writing ability. They are a folk band through and through, priding themselves not only on the intricacies of their vocals but the story telling in their lyrics. With their song ‘Rivers and Roads,’ the audience could hear far and wide vocalist/violinist Charity Rose Thielin steal the show with her harmonies and a solo that gave me butterflies. Her voice stirs the soul and sounds more distinct than just about any female singer out there. And from what looked to be tears coming down, it’s possible the Sasquatch crowd stirred her soul right back.

This band from start to finish played one of the best sets of Sasquatch. Something that you may not necessarily expect from a folk band is one hell of a stage presence. Every mobile member of this group was ricocheting around the stage, Jon Russell (vocals/guitar) was singing into the crowd while bouncing around the stage with his guitar like a true showman. Josiah Johnson (vocals/guitar) has a smile and an energy that is contagious; he’s an incredible singer and just comes off as a true joy as either a lead or harmonizing vocalist. However, it’s without a doubt that Charity Rose Thielin is who fans radiate towards. Throughout the crowd around me, everyone seemed to be buzzing about her- she’s a charmer on stage with such charisma and heart. And vocalists aside, the band wouldn’t be as distinct as they are in terms of their sound without Kenny Hensley on the piano- his playing style is one of the things that makes this band stand out from other folk bands.

This set was one that sold fans- new and old- on the fact that this crew of ladies and gents have the sort of talent that will continue to catapult them further into musical notoriety. Their Facebook promises more tour dates in the PNW in the future- based on the buzz around the crowd it’s safe to say they’ll be playing bigger and bigger venues around town in the not too distant future.

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