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Best of Sasquatch 2012: Girl Talk

Girl Talk, Photo by Christopher Nelson

Friday night was an electronic smorgasbord on the Sasquatch Main Stage. Starting the night was one of the DJs who has helped to bring electronically based dance music to the masses: Girl Talk. Mashups of popular songs are all too common on the internet, but before they were plastered over SoundCloud and on YouTube, Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk) broke the mold on his laptop. His abilities to mix several songs together to create a new track are known throughout the world, but it’s not until seeing him live you really appreciate his skills.

He took the stage and was joined by fans dancing behind him to each of his seamlessly mixed tracks. He is a pro at weaving together songs from different genres and eras to create something so contagious that it’s next to impossible not to dance along. What makes him different from the other electronic acts which took the various stages of Sasquatch is that Girl Talk isn’t spinning together an assortment of unfamiliar beats. Rather, he strings and stacks songs that most crowds are familiar with- forging a song composed of other songs that just about everyone who has turned on a radio over the past few years will recognize and be able to dance to.

If you’ve listened to his albums before, you are familiar with his work. But catching him live is a total different experience. He’s charismatic on stage, and his years of putting on dance parties are evident by how easy his set was to listen to, from start to finish. Girl Talk is the kind of DJ that makes you to forget how long you’ve been dancing, and makes you never want to stop. He was a big hit on Friday night, and truly got the weekend started off on the right foot.