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Glassjaw’s Palumbo Working On New Project


Daryl Palumbo
For someone living with as debilitating a condition as he does, Daryl Palumbo is one prolific motherfucker. In fact, just yesterday, I was driving around and found an untitled mix CD I had made, and a Head Automatica song came on and it filled me with joy.

I love Palumbo’s atypical voice, and pretty much every project he’s been involved with, including United Nations — the band he started with Geoff Rickly from Thursday and the drummer from The Number 12 Looks Like You, another band I used to love.

Anyways, enough of my cunting around, reminiscing — there’s news to report here.

Palumbo is working with Rick Penzone from some band called Men, Women & Children on a new project.

At least an album’s being worked on. It may not be a band, as such. But music is being made.

“Entering the mixing phase of Rick Penzone and I’s first LP. ?#ColorFilm? ?#DonaldTrumpIsSoFuckingObnoxious”

Maybe the band is called Color Film. That sounds like the name of a band Palumbo would be in.

I am looking forward to this now. I am glad to hear Daryl’s being active, and always take advantage of a chance to hear his pipes.