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Industrial Band Featuring Disturbed’s Draiman Gets Name


David Draiman
And as expected, it’s not very inspired or fun. Kind of like Disturbed’s music.

The band will be called Device. As in, “He used a device to destroy all of their eardrums.”

Device — featuring Disturbed vocalist David Draiman and former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo — even has a new Facebook page, which means they’ve gotta be a real band and everything.

Device will enter the studio later this week to begin demoing material for its debut release. Draiman has said Device’s music will be similar to the industrial sounds churned out by the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry.

Only, it’ll blow grizzly dick.

Draiman — responding to a Twitter question — recently said the band wouldn’t be dubstep. “Industrial predates dubstep…In other words, it is at all times a guitar-driven sound.”

As you know, Disturbed are currently on hiatus. Let’s hope they stay on hiatus.