On the 29th of June, J Pinder released his highly anticipated Careless album on iTunes. Even before its release, the album has played a major role in boosting the Seattle-area artist’s profile nationally. The single ‘Never No,’ which was originally released on has become fairly popular and the video was the first of J Pinder’s to appear on MTV. Since J Pinder’s MTV appearance, his national profile has only grown; he is currently on tour with lyrical legend Talib Kweli on the East Coast. (See scheduled tour dates here).

J Pinder has distinguished himself as one of the most popular young rappers in Seattle. J Pinder considers himself a “traditional producer” and his tracks on his original tape Code Red reflect a holistic approach to creating music. J Pinder regularly integrates heavy production into his tracks. Most notably, his most popular tracks, ‘Go Far’ and ‘Never No,’ feature heavy production from Kuddie Fresh. In addition to working with Kuddie Fresh, J Pinder has worked with a variety of famous Seattle area artists and has a notable presence in the community. At age 23, J Pinder is hopefully opening the door to young Seattle artists and helping to bring attention to the Seattle rap scene.

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