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Beatles Tribute Band Apple Jam Performing Ethiopia Benefit Concert June 15



Friday June 15th Apple Jam will be performing at the UW Meany Theatre. Tickets are $35-85, from student prices at the low end, to VIP tickets with seating in the first three rows, and a reception for the deluxe price. The show is all-ages, and all of the proceeds will go to help save lives.

On the Wings of a Nightingale is the latest EP by Apple Jam, and it will be released in conjunction with the event. It features several versions of the Lennon song ‘Help me Help Myself,’ and McCartney’s ‘On the Wings of a Nightingale.’ This is their second album, their first being 2009’s Off the Beatle Track. The show will feature guest performances by Alan White (of the band Yes) Kurtis Dengler, Craig Terill, and Jakael Tristram. The show will be hosted by Arik Korman of the Bob Rivers show.

All of this is for a great cause. The Seattle Anesthesia Outreach is raising money to improve surgical and medical care at the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

From the press release:

Seattle Anesthesia Outreach’s mission is to provide support for the improvement of medical care in developing areas of the world with particular emphasis on anesthesia and peri-operative services. All proceeds from this concert will be used to ship medical equipment and supplies to Ethiopia, and for travel & ` housing for volunteer medical workers. Primary beneficiaries of funds are patients of the Black Lion hospital, the only public hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Time travel notwithstanding, you are never going to get to see the Beatles live. That ship has sailed. Shows like this are the next best thing, and the fact that it is for a great cause should in no small way sweeten the deal. The show will be fun, with deep cuts from the Beatles catalog, and when it’s all said and done you’ll know that your evening of great music will end up helping someone you’ve never met. That’s what anyone would call a win-win.