Beats follow in sequence as lights flash exposing a golden face framed by a golden mane. A sultry voice sings in time to the beats about having a vulnerable emotion in the mist of being rescued. The singing continues into a trip down the rabbit hole similar to that ventured when listening to “Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack. This trip is unique, slow on it’s own, and titled “It’s You.” Once down this hole, you will never be the same….

Picture Courtesy Fanesha Fabre Official Artist Page on Facebook

The face and voice behind the sultry voice of “It’s You” music video is Fanesha Fabre, a singer recently coming into the experimental and trip-hop scene. Coming from an artistic background it is no surprise that Fabre has studied music and worked as an actress for 3 years. Fabre has participated in Miami’s Unity on the Bay Choir in her teens and later became part of the Bacon Bits ensemble which included Sammy Figueroa,  John Speck, Miles Davis, and other well known Jazz musicians. Since then, she has collaborated with many artists such as Twista and The Cool Kids on side projects.

She released her most recent album “Aim” in 2010 that combines sultry tones and dynamic beats which frame lyrics about love and life. Reminiscent to Tracey Thorn, there is power in the slow tempo within Fabre’s tracks and consistency with how her voice flows with the sound. In certain tracks you can also catch her accent mixing with the beats bringing a spanish harlem tint to tracks such as “Change”, “Poison” and “Tonight.”

Now she is currently working on a new album while at the same time working on other side projects. You can catch her on random this summer on her sound cloud adding music she makes or is featured in. You can also find her on Facebook: “Fanesha Fabre Official Artist Page”; on Reverbnation: (; or on twitter (



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