The Roots, Photo by Kyle Johnson

If you Google “MCA Tributes,” you’ll be showered in responses from the likes of Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and  M83. However, none that I’ve watched on YouTube holds a candle to the one The Roots did on the Bigfoot stage Saturday night.

As the last band of the night, and one of the most legendary acts on the entire Sasquatch bill, the audience was exhausted but excited after witnessing Jack White’s set on the main stage. When The Roots took the stage and began their hour+ set by performing ‘Paul Revere’ by The Beastie Boys in it’s entirety, the roar of the audience rapping along was probably audible from across the Gorge. It was one of those perfect music moments that will probably last with everyone in the crowd for a long while to come- MC Black Thought nailed every verse and the rest of the band lit the song up. It was the most perfect way I can imagine for the end of the night to begin, and if they wanted a way to both connect with and excite the crowd, they hit the nail on the head. The link below is the only I could find, but gives an idea of what the moment looked and sounded like.

The rest of their set was flawless. Containing songs which spanned their hits, The Roots closed the night and got the crowd dancing and rapping along. It was a great way to end night two, and as mentioned, offered up what is probably one of my most memorable music moments from the weekend.

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