Wolfgang Gartner, Photo by Christopher Nelson
Wolfgang Gartner, Photo by Christopher Nelson

Sasquatch’s electronic music this year was impressive with acts like Pretty Lights and Girl Talk taking over the main stage, and the Banana Shack offering up artists that made audience go, in fact, bananas. However, no act had the impact that Wolfgang Gartner had on the crowd clustered in the shack Saturday night, where he dazzled the crowd and whipped them into a dancing frenzy.

LA based DJ Wolfgang Gartner played the sort of dance music set that set the audience off- as I looked around me in the packed Banana Shack, everyone was dancing as hard as their tired bodies could afford. Left and right, girls were being hoisted onto the shoulders of their boyfriends, just to get a better vantage point of what was happening across the crowded floor. It was like everyone in the shack was on some sort of euphoric cloud, and Gartner was the epicenter of it all. His set was a giant party, and although by the end of day two a lot of people had tired feet and bodies, his music convinced everyone that they didn’t need to hold anything back. My only wish is that his performance would have been a bit earlier or a bit later. Too many people filtered out in order to see Jack White- something that was certainly their loss as Gartner blew most of the other DJ performances over the weekend to smithereens and was something you truly needed to be present for in order to fully comprehend. Yes, he was that good.

As much as the crowd loved his set, it’s always nice to hear that the performer had just as much fun. After his return to civilization, Gartner posted the following on Facebook:

“There’s this festival called Sasquatch out in the middle of Washington once a year. Last night I played it. This is a really bold statement but, imma go ahead and say this was the best gig I have ever played in my life, crowd-wise, vibe-wise, everything-wise. Thank you to everybody who was there who made it happen because I will never forget it as long as I live. This is the kind of night that makes me realize I would do this shit for free.”

Wolfgang Gartner’s set is the sort that leaves me wanting more, and I’m already excited for my next opportunity to see him in Seattle. And based on the glowing reviews echoing around the Gorge after his set, the rest of the PNW shares a similar sentiment.


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