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Mortal Infinity Exclusive Song Stream: “Radical Response”


Mortal Infinity
If you dig thrash, buckle that ass up and head for the end of this post, where you will be able to stream a song from Germany’s Mortal Infinity.

The band have a new album coming out June 15 through Canada’s Digital Media Records called District Destruction, and the song you are about to hear — “Radical Response” — is from that fine release.

The track basically epitomizes everything I love about thrash, and I guarantee you you’ll be walking around the rest of the day without the chorus running over and over in your head.

District Destruction was recorded at Sound Lodge Studios from Jörg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented), ensuring maximum riff crunch and laceration potential.

Taking influence from the likes of not only the Bay Area and German scenes, but also acts like Slayer and Lamb of God, this debut album plays like it was made by 20-year veterans.

Check out the cut, and then come to Facebook and tell us how fucking rad you thought it was. Or leave your remarks in the comments section below. Either way, we’re interested in what you have to say.

Now, Gun Shy Assassin is proud to present Mortal Infinity, and their song “Radical Response.” Enjoy.