Video: Dave Mustaine Gets Stoned In Croatia


Dave Mustaine
No, he didn’t get hooked up with killer smoke. He was pelted with stones. Not to death. But, yeah — that’s fucking crazy.

Where’s your God now, Mustaine?

A reader informed our friends at The Gauntlet that during last night’s Croatia Metalfest, “When Dave Mustaine came out with the rest of Megadeth, there was a group of possibly drunk and rowdy fans near the front.

“They kept throwing beer on stage towards Mustaine but security put a stop to it,” the reader claims. “Then all of the sudden a rock came from their general direction and hit Dave in the head.

“There was some talk about Megadeth being the reason W.A.S.P. didn’t perform earlier in the night.”

I wonder why Megadeth would be responsible for fucking W.A.S.P. not playing a festival? Why would Dave give a flying fuck? I guess he didn’t want Blackie Lawless one-upping him in the God-loving department during the fest? I have no idea.

I also wonder how Mustaine is doing. No one deserves to be pelted with rocks. Even if they are homophobic assholes who don’t know when to shut the fuck up.

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