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Icons of Science Fiction Exhibit opens at EMP June 9

Imperial Dalek Image by Erik Skaar

Ready your sonic screwdrivers! The EMP Museum has a new exhibit: Icons of Science Fiction. It opens June 9th with an opening party the night before, Friday June 8th. (Dr Who trivia, Starfleet recruiting, drinks!) Tickets are $20, and available here.

Icons asks big questions, i.e. what if aliens landed, or what if robots took over? The answers to these questions come from the world of science fiction. You walk through a warp field (literally…sort-of) and there you are, surrounded by artifacts of imagined worlds.

Superman's Spaceship image by Erik Skaar

Everybody who’s anybody (in terms of sci-fi artifacts) is here. You got your Daleks, your Yodas, your Superman’s spaceship from the original, awesome motion picture. That’s just scratching the surface. There are ray guns and blasters, the MiB Carbonizer– Captain Kirk’s chair (the original series), and Commander Sheridan’s costume from Babylon 5 (one for the die-hard, true-blue geeks). There is a place where you can make your own sci-fi movie with green screens, props, and costumes. There is a multi-touch video interface for going deep into manga, anime, video games, and much more. In short: a well-designed and smartly-curated exhibit much in keeping with what you’ve come to expect at the EMP.

Icons will be an ongoing exhibit at the EMP. This makes for two

Kirk's Chair image by Erik Skaar

permanent additions as many years for the EMP. The addition of last year’s horror exhibit Can’t Look Away: the Allure of Horror Film broadened the scope of the existing SciFi Museum and Hall of Fame (or perhaps it made for a side branch). Whereas the original SciFi Museum is a sensory attack of disparate ideas and artifacts, what Icons does is it brings specific answers to questions, and it does it with ray guns, prosthetics, models, and costumes.

In the same way that areas of the horror exhibit will be refreshed, periodically these big questions will be replaced with other big questions, and the answering artifacts and ideas will allow Icons to stay fresh for returning visitors for years to come.