There are numerous reasons to get excited about A Place To Bury Strangers’ show at The Crocodile, Seattle, on Monday June 11. There’s their darkly melodic sound, their reputation as a great live band, their effortlessly cool goth-shoegaze vibe. They even have an unusually apt touring partner in This Will Destroy You.

Most exciting of all, however, is the fact that APTBS have a new album, Worship, due to drop at the end of the month – and the Crocodile show will be Seattle’s first chance to hear some of the new tunes. You can read our full review of Worship here, but suffice it to say that fans of the band won’t be disappointed. All the dark soundscapes and surprisingly poppy tunes are present and correct, but Worship also goes to new places for APTBS. It’s slicker than normal, and bigger, as if they can already hear the arena crowds calling their names. This isn’t just a place to bury strangers – you may also want to dance with them first.

Monday night may not sound like the perfect time for a groundbreaking aural explosion, but if you can drag yourself out to The Crocodile next week then you’ll almost certainly enjoy one of the best shows to hit Seattle this month. They might be ringing the next morning – but your ears will thank you.

A Place To Bury Strangers and This Will Destroy You play The Crocodile on Monday June 11, 2012. Doors open at 8pm, with extra support from Dusted (featuring Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck). Tickets cost $12 in advance of the show, and are available from the Crocodile website.

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