We Out Here Magazine is holding its annual “Swagfest” on Saturday, June 9th. Like most We Out Here parties, the event runs from the afternoon to the early evening and features a variety of performances from local artists. This year’s Swagfest features Seattle local Grayskul with performances from the rising Kung Foo Grip in addition to Notion, TxE, Load B, Luke Rain and LACOSA. Swagfest runs from 1-6pm on Saturday, June 9th, with free barbeque before 3pm. The event will be at Nectar and is limited to 21+ and will be hosted by Billy Fridge and Captain Midnight. (The schedule appears at the bottom of this article.)

Grayskul is a hip-hop duo from Seattle made up of members Onry Ozzborn and JFK. Signed to major underground label Rhymesayers Entertainment, they have been a mainstay in the Seattle underground hip-hop scene since 2003. Compared to most Seattle music, Grayskul has a harder edge but still maintains some of the distinctive Seattle style, including a heavy use of melodic samples and an unfettered voice. Grayskul recently performed at the widely attended Paid Dues concert in California.

Although Grayskul is the headliner at Swagfest, Kung Foo Grip is the group that has recently earned attention from Seattle rap followers. The duo, composed of members Eff is H and Grg Cypher, have brought new life to the “Eastside” rap scene. The duo is just another example of an extremely young group who are bringing notoriety to the Seattle rap scene. Already, they have performed in shows with well-known Seattle artists including Sol, Grynch, Jarv Dee and Nacho Picasso, among others. They just released a track, ‘Sonic Doom’, as part of the buildup to the summer release of their newest project. The group will also be at Capitol Hill Block Party this summer.


2 PM- Luke Rain

2:30 PM- Load B

3 PM- TxE

3:30 PM- Notion

4 PM- Kung Foo Grip

4:30 PM- Grayskul

Culture We Out Here Hosts ‘Swagfest’ Featuring Grayskul and Kung Foo Grip