The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival "10 Years of Love and Lust" June 16-24, 2012.
The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival "10 Years of Love and Lust" June 16-24, 2012.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is back with “10 Years of Love and Lust”, June 16-24, 2012. In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, the festival has broken loose of its single weekend shackles and grown into 10 enticing, fun filled, sex positive days of exploration.

First off, the festival is huge. There is so much happening, there is no real way to preview all the festival has to offer. In short, there is a gallery showing, stages shows, performances, films, classes, literature, workshops, after parties…the list goes on and on. Simply put, this is an epic event. If you can’t find something awesome happening at this event, you are not trying.

One of this year’s biggest (literally) art works is the installation centerpiece by Kevin McDonald, Le Petit Piege, an immense steel cable spider web equipped with LED’s that respond to touch. “The spider web is a gorgeous piece of art in its own right, and additionally serves as a vertical performance stage for specially curated bondage acts and mesmerizing aerial performances” said Festival Director Clayton Hibbert.

This year the festival features over 260 pieces of visual art from artists across the world. The events big name attraction is Seattle’s beloved son Dan Savage. Savage, a nationally known sex advice columnist, TV personality and all around Mr. Awesome, will be a judge for the juried art show.

This year, the festival is unveiling its newest and highest honor –Masters of Erotic Art. Five artists have been selected for this ongoing “hall of fame” to recognize artists who have contributed to the legitimacy of the genre.

The festival has a slew of performances scheduled on both the Main stage and the Spiderweb the weekend of June 22-23. The main show, a production titled Everything in Between, will be directed by internationally acclaimed performer, writer and director David Crellin aka Armitage Shanks (Circus Contraption co-founder). It features world-renowned stars including headliner Tigger! and Canadian musical comedy duo, The Wet Spots. It also features Seattle burlesque powerhouses Sinner Saint Burlesque, Heidi Von Haught, The Shanghia Pearl and Miss Indigo Blue. The show described as “circus, cabaret, burlesque, dance, music, madness and mayhem” is sure to be a performance to remember!

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival "10 Years of Love and Lust" June 16-24, 2012.
The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival "10 Years of Love and Lust" June 16-24, 2012.

The festival also boasts three after parties ‘Love’ on June 16,  ‘Pride’ on June 22, and ‘Lust’ on June 23. Each party features music, dancing, Go-Go performances and hints at a story so good, you’ll get to tell it for years to come.

The event even has a plethora of classes and workshops going on from June 16-24 via satellite sites and venues. Classes vary greatly, everything from networking, shooting erotic photography, publishing a book to more serious issues like overcoming sexual shame are covered. For a full list of classes, times and pricing go here. Hurry, classes are selling out fast.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival now straddles two of Seattle’s most popular yearly events: the Freemont Fair and Seattle Pride. This is a perfect menage et trois of events. The Fremont Fair, known for the Solstice parade –an “alt” parade made famous by wacky, unusual floats and a horde of naked bicyclists– is a no brainer. Stretching the event in connection with Seattle Pride makes perfect sense. In honor of Seattle Pride, the festival is featuring HomoPhotoArt: A Sixty Year rEvolution by Jim Wilkenson, which looks at the history of gay erotic art. Also, one of the festivals short film showings is in honor of Seattle Pride as well.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is the flagship program of the nonprofit Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. The foundation’s goals are to promote the many ways sex is beneficial through education, outreach, the arts, advocacy and research programs that serve the public.

So, break out your gimp mask and let your freak flag fly Seattle! In a positive and fun way of course.

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