Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. Photo by Erik Kabik/Retna
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. Photo by Erik Kabik/Retna

The stars aligned for a perfect disaster on Saturday, at the 16th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Nothing seemed to be going right on Saturday around the U.S., with the favored Boston Celtics going down to the Miami Heat, Manny Pacquiao getting clearly robbed in his fight with Tim Bradley, and Mother Nature interfering with the biggest electronic music festival in North America.

The shuttles were working fine, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was all set for the second day, and the artists were geared up to entertain, but the weather didn’t want to cooperate. At about 1:00am, security started moving music lovers to the stands because of high winds reaching up to 40mph. Insomniac made an announcement that for the safety of the fans, attendees were moved to the stands because of the dangers of the stages , installations and other set pieces falling over due to the wind.

While things were still clicking for the first half of the night, many were having the time of their lives. “I feel so alive!” an attendee said.

An estimated 90,000 music lovers headed for the exits after sitting around for a half an hour or so. Saturday night was going to showcase amazing artists such as Avicii, Steve Aoki, and the Blue Man Group.

Photo By Erik Kabik/Retna

One minute, the stages were blasting music and lights, lifting music lovers to new heights, and the next minute everything was shutting down and the experience went downhill with a head of steam. All of the main stages were closed down, and only temporary entertainment was provided.  Music lovers came from all over the U.S. for this event, a good chunk just for Saturday, and the event was more of a bust than anything that day. Many were also turned away, and didn’t even set foot in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, because of the pesky weather.

“This was my first time at EDC, I couldn’t go any other day but Saturday, and I couldn’t even get in!” Sherilyn, a music lover who came all the way from San Diego, said.

Sunday has been beefed up to make up for Saturday. Day 3 for EDC is promised to be filled with plenty surprises.  There will be an added fireworks display, more pyrotechnics and special effects on the stages, and added performances. Avicii will be on the Kinetic Field starting at 1:30am, right after David Guetta. In addition, Armin van Burren will be doing a second set on Circuit Grounds earlier on during the event. There will more than likely be more surprises throughout day 3. Insomniac has also announced that anyone with a Saturday single day ticket will be able to get into EDC on Sunday night for free, if they bring in their Saturday ticket. The show goes on.


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