I dare you to have more fun than this guy was having that night! Just don't come crying to me when you find it impossible.

Short story: if you missed this past Dorian’s Parlor you missed out. So cry right now, and when your eyes have run dry, and you regain the ability to read again from the insurmountable anguish of it all, I’ll be here so you can read what you missed. Fear not, I will wait for you. I am a proper gentleman, after all!

OK, seriously, you are overacting. Yes, it was a really fun night and we need to wait until September, rumor has it, for another Dorian’s Parlor, but that’s alright. We will work through this together! Heck, G.D Falksen didn’t make it either. Something about Falksen-Prime from Earth-1 was attacking Airship One so they had to deploy him to save the Royal Family. At least ,that was the cover story I was given.

The night started off strong with the Wandering Cellist playing his electric cello! This is probably one of the best cellos you will ever see mind you. Mike was joined by other musicians, but the female vocalist that joined him stuck out in my mind the most. They did the best cover of Scarborough Fair I have heard. Awesome singing voice along with awesome cello… just wish I wrote down her name.

Honestly I'm not sure how he wanders so much with such a big instrument.

The fashion show was not lacking in the entertainment department either thanks to the fun circus themed costumes by Kristin Costa and makeup done by the talented Deivyd Leigh Shockk. For a lucky few that kept an eye on the Facebook page for Dorian’s, they got the chance to show off the apparel! So just keep in mind, when you are going to a local event keep an eye on those social media feeds in the hopes a fun opportunity flies your way!

Eventually she found her way out of the invisible box.

Another highlight of the night was fire! A group of performers outside of the ballroom were showing off their skills juggling fiery clubs and flaming hula hoops. Personally, I enjoy watching people do all sorts of tricks with juggling and other physical circus feats, but adding fire seems to really turn up the volume on the whole spectacle . The performance also drew quite a crowd from everyone walking down Broad Street, and had quite a few people ask this intrepid blogger and other patrons what the occasion was. I think the organizers should always have a flashy outdoor show off the event.

She actually put all of the fire out by spinning the hula hoop really fast. I tried doing that to my birthday cake once, I wasn't nearly as successful and I'm not allowed in my parent's house anymore.

Best part of the night, in my opinion was when Montague Jacques Fromage took the stage, and got the crowd involved in some funky tunes! There was laughing, dancing, singing about absinthe, an all-around rousing success. The Imperial Amerikan Air Corps even showed up to award Mr. Fromage a medal for his work in Steam Punk Funk!

Overall I had a great time and glad I was able to make it out there! Sadly we’ll all have to wait till September to enjoy this event again, but distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Free dance lessons! Sadly I still can't do anything more than swing my hands from side to side...

Technology A Report from Dorian’s Parlor ‘Welcome to the Circus’ 2012!