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Listen To A New Nachtmystium Track — Right Now!


OK, so, what was a colossally shitty day for me has turned slightly less shitty.

Nikki, the Century Media publicist who works with Nachtmystium, sent out an email — presumably, to other sites like Gun Shy Assassin — with a download link to the new Nachtmystium tune.

Holy fuck, is it awesome. I love Nachtmystium. I am not sure how you couldn’t love it.

Alas, I am not a technical genius, like Jason over at The Gauntlet.

While I was listening to the song on repeat, Jason was doing some computer wizardry. Since the email said the song was now good to go for “airplay,” I guess Jason decided to post it in a video on his site.

So go to see our friends at The Gauntlet if you wanna hear “Silencing Machine,” the new song from the new album by the same name from black metal’s answer to Pink Floyd, Nachtmystium.

Go now. You will not regret it.

The album drops July 31.