Starting Friday at the West End Cinema is The Woman in the Fifth.  The latest film from acclaimed director Pawel Pawlikowski, this mindbender stars Ethan Hawke as an American expat living in Paris who winds up in the middle of some very nasty business involving a Parisian crime lord and a mysterious femme fatale.  While the reviews haven’t been stellar, I loved Pawlikowski’s My Summer of Love, and Hawke is one of those actors who are great in every role, regardless of movie quality.

Also opening on Friday is another neo-noir, the twisty Headhunters.  I’ve written about the film for this column before; in fact, I remember saying this….

“The [thriller] focuses on a corporate headhunter who makes an ill-advised (and very bloody) foray into the world of art theft; based on Jo Nesbø’s international bestseller, this film plays like a perverse conflagration of the Coen Brothers and Anthony Mann’s capers.”

Still holds true.

Find out more about the West End Cinema HERE.

At the AFI Silver, the big event is the upcoming Silverdocs Film Festival, which showcases some of the best documentary filmmaking from around the globe.  You got movies from all walks of life; over 27,000 special guests attending to engage audiences – it’s a weeklong culture injection.

One small caveat: it doesn’t start until the 18th.  However, I’d suggest tiding yourself over with a viewing of Hayao Miyazaki’s brilliant Howl’s Moving Castle.  The master animator’s surreal antiwar fable is one of his most underrated works; though it lacks the effortless joy of a Castle in the Sky or a Ponyo, the images on display are staggering in their invention and power.

Click HERE for the AFI’s full schedule.

Finally, the E Street and Bethesda Row Landmarks are offering a double shot, as it were, of actor/filmmaker Mark Duplass, the auteur behind the micro-budget Cyrus and Jeff, Who Lives at Home.  Duplass #1: Safety Not Guaranteed, a comedy about a group of reporters investigating a strange man (Duplass) who claims he can travel through time.  Added bonus: one of Said Reporters is played by “Parks and Recreation’s” great Aubrey Plaza.

Duplass #2: Your Sister’s Sister, a slightly more conventional romantic comedy about a loser who – after suffering a nervous breakdown – seeks solace in the vacation home of his ex-girlfriend (Emily Blunt, who is also in everything this year).  Complications ensue with the presence of his ex’s sister (Rosemarie DeWitt, from “Mad Men” and Rachel Getting Married), with whom Duplass’ character forms a unique bond.

If you don’t care for the man after seeing these, you never will.  Learn more about the Landmark Cinemas HERE.

Spoiler alert: They were throwing a dead fetus off the bridge in “Ode to Billie Joe.”  Deal with it.

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