courtesy of Webster Hall event calendar

The inviting voice of Glenn Danzig sings lyrics of raping mothers and killing babies in name of one “Last Caress” while smoke billows out in corners in a dark room where flashlights lit different colors in seconds of intervals.

Small groups of people dressed in 70’s punk memoribilia talk to each other with $8 shots in hand.  “Erotic Rocker” dancers dance left and right on a stage in siren-like body motions with packs of bills on their garters while men gape at them.

This is Riot Avenue: a “rock n’ roll party that fuses the old and the new, from classic tracks to modern bangers” at Webster Hall (Webster Hall) . This party starts at 11 pm every Wednesday with crowds of punks, goths, or even the plain random hipster .

However, things usually go into full swing after midnight, so its ok to be fashionably late. If you’re in the mood for a mosh pit this isn’t the place. Buuut, if you want to see hot girls do a free lap dance and a strip tease for 100 bucks, be my guest. Three girls out of the whole crowd get picked to show off their bods for a small contest.

The music played is as promised: a mixture of old school rock (70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s) mixed in with the new current local bands. And yes! they do play Nirvana.  Age range to enter is 19 and up but for drinks its 21 (as usual).

This party isn’t great to meet new people since upon entrance there is usually small groups of people sitting with their friends and a whole set of beers. Upon dancing in the middle of the floor there will be the occassional hook ups and a major sing off to some Bon Jovi (yep, they play that too!).  Nevertheless, it is a great event to show off your punk or goth duds. Don’t be shy! Show off that pin-covered jean jacket. After all, this is a FREE event.

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