In the past few years,  Sol has gained a reputation for producing high quality music both in and out of the Northwest. Sol has been touring around the country but announced earlier this year that his Seattle show on June 16th at Showbox will be his final show before he departs on a year-long worldwide trip funded by the Bonderman Travel Fellowship he won during his time at the University of Washington. The “Farewell Sol” tickets are available here. Doors open at 8:00pm.

Sol has reached national recognition after the release of his Yours Truly album in January. Sol is clearly heavily influenced by his Seattle roots; he regularly performs with Seattle area artists and his music is representative of the heavy emphasis on music and the simply, honest music typical of Seattle music. Sol has also earned a reputation for being a clever artist; he uses his lyrics very deliberately and raps about unconventional subjects. Sol is also widely appreciated by fans of different genres because of his integration of background music into his songs.

Sol will also be performing with XV and The Physics. XV is an artist from Kansas who often headlines his own shows around the country. The Physics, like Sol, are another Seattle mainstay and have inspired younger Seattle artists throughout their career. This is one of the few opportunities to see the Physics this year; since their release of Love as a Business, they have performed only a few sold-out shows in the Seattle area.

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