During the past decade many Americans have faced a reality where their debt has exceeded their income, sometimes through no fault of their own. So when I saw an infographic come in about how consumers can protect themsleves, I thought it would be interesting to share.

This from the creator, Frugal Dad:

Collector abuse is definitely on the rise. Since the recession, formal complaints against collectors have risen 66% and dozens of private debt collection agencies have lost licenses for their abusive collection methods. This is due in part to the major shove big banks have made since 2008 to recover billions in unpaid credit and penalties. Since then, most of these creditors, from Chase to the Dept. of Education, have contracted collections to private firms. These smaller agencies pay collectors little and reward with commissions on debts recovered. As a result, some collectors, many in debt themselves, have been found lying, stalking and even threatening to make collection quotas.

Check below for the infographic and leave your comments!

american debt collection infographic

Source: http://FrugalDad.com

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