Nouela Johnston has been rocking the northwest with her unique brand of indie music since 2009 when she unveiled her solo project People Eating People. Nouela grew up in a musical family, her parents both have advanced degrees in music, and she performed her first piano recital at the age of four. She spent the majority of her youth learning as many different instruments as possible, everything from  guitar to clarinet. On the People Eating People record she was accompanied by a variety of musicians, but the live shows rarely included anyone on stage except Nouela behind the keys. The roles are reversed on her latest record, she changed the name of the project simply to ‘Nouela’ and played every instrument during the recording process, being joined on stage by a full band during live shows.

The debut Nouela record, entitled Chants, was released on June 12th and yesterday the official video was released for the lead single ‘Fight.’ The video depicts a group of red riding hood-esque characters getting chased through the woods and one by one being caught and converted to the “dark side” by a woman wearing a black hood with a pack of wolves. It is one of the best videos I have seen in quite awhile, definitely the best of 2012 so far. Get ready to clap along to the beat as the song begins and hit play.

Culture Nouela Releases Video For ‘Fight’