The Rocket Summer

Singer-songwriter Bryce Avary has one major plan for the end of the summer: sleep.  Before he gets the chance though, he’ll be spending the next month performing in over 25 shows in just as many cities cities for the Rocket Summer Headline tour.  On June 26, 2012, The Rocket Summer will be paying a visit to Philadelphia, PA’s First Unitarian Church.

The Rocket Summer, contrary to most bands, is a solo-project, led by Bryce Avary, who, not only writes all his music, but plays every instrument on the album.  “I started twelve years ago and I liked the idea of naming it something instead of just using my own name,” he explains.  The name came from a short story of the same name Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. The decision to be the sole musician on the albums was, initially, the product of necessity.   The band, which appears only on tours, came after the first self-titled record, was produced.  Avery seems quite content with the separate musical arrangements,  “I really like making songs and having them be a true reflection of my heart.”

Avary says that one of the best moments of the Headline tour was, June 5, 2012, the day his latest album, Life Will Write the Words, came out.  “I’m inspired by all things,” he says of the theme of the album, “by barriers and victories and how powerful hope can be.”  His favorite song on the track is one entitled, “Soldiers.”  “I wrote it from a very personal place.  Something about it just touches my heart.”  That, “something” is what he wants everyone who hears his music to experience.  “I want people to feel inspired and find belief in themselves and in the world.”  I ask him which musicians inspire him and he laughs and thinks for a while, “I love music so much,” he says, “I can’t narrow it down to a few.”  He makes a mental lists of musicians from Philadelphia.  “Let’s go with DJ Jazzy Jeff because he reminds me of Fresh Prince and that makes me happy,” he decides.  “Now I want to write a song.”

Both Bryce Avary’s future and schedule promise to be quite full.  In addition to a fairly packed national touring schedule, he’s planning an international tour and a music video. “It’s a lot of work” he admits, “traveling everyday, blown tires, loading and unloading, performing a high energy show every night but I love what I do.  I’m thankful to get to do it.”   Of course, in between all of that is a lot of song writing.  “Even when it’s hard to do, it’s what I want to do.”

The Rocket Summer will be performing at First Unitarian Church at 7:30PM.  Doors open at 7:00.  Tickets range from $15 and can be purchased at For more information visit


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