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Friday at the Capitol Hill Block Party


Over the next few weeks we are going to highlight some of the bands that are playing the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle. On Friday July 20th, the bands you need to check out are Father John Misty, Allen Stone, and Black Breath.

Father John Misty:

In May Josh Tillman released his latest solo record, Fear Fun, under the moniker Father John Misty. He was formerly the drummer for the Seattle-based Fleet Foxes from 2008 to 2012, but left to focus on his solo career. He has an expansive catalog of solo releases, this is his seventh solo effort, but this record features improved song-writing and a sense of maturity. Tillman mixes elements of Americana, country, and folk-rock into a refreshing brand of indie rock.

Check him out on the main stage at 4:00pm.

Allen Stone:

Allen Stone combines his influences of soul, R&B, folk, and pop to perfection on his self-titled sophomore record. His songs are smooth and catchy and his falsetto voice makes his style truly unique. Stone’s shows are feel good jams with him dancing all around the stage and making everyone feel like a family. Make sure you check out this set so you can tell everyone you saw him before he became a rock star.

Check him out on the main stage at 9:15pm.

Black Breath:

Black Breath mixes hard-charging, heavy riffs with melodic guitar parts and intricate drum beats. Their first release Razor To Oblivion was straight ahead death metal without much finesse, but the foundation for greatness was there. On their latest release Sentenced To Life the band has found the groove that will undoubtedly take the group to great heights.  Make sure you wear earplugs to this gig and get ready to sing their songs the next day in the shower.

Check them out on the Neumos stage at 6:30pm.