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Offending Exclusive Song Stream: "Modern Enslavement"

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It’s a new week. Hell, it’s a new month. Let’s start things off with some fucking crushingly cruel death metal, shall we?

At the end of this post, we’re streaming a new track from French death metal outfit Offending.

The track is called “Modern Enslavement” and comes from the band’s devastating sophomore album Age of Perversion.

The disc teems with ripping solos as pummeling blasts reign down like a hammer through nine tracks of pure-sombre death.

If you’re into Vile, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, or even Hate Eternal, you’ll be down with Offending.

Listen to the track. Listen to it twice. Fuck…go for three, if you like. Then come over to Facebook and tell me how much you dig it, because you will dig it.

I’m an Offending fan. I like what these dudes are up to, and recommend grabbing their new disc, which is available now.