The Neptune Theatre just keeps bringing the funny to the U District. Comedy Bang Bang is coming to Seattle on August 1st along with opening comic Kurt Braunohler. Braunohler’s Bunk and Comedy Bang Bang run back to back on IFC, and they are set to tour the US with stops in select cities including Seattle. Tickets are a steal at 19 dollars plus fees, and the night of comedy should not disappoint even the most jaded of comedy fans.

Simply put, Kurt Braunohler is fantastic. This American Life listeners might recall the story he told of his Rumspringa from a thirteen year relationship he was in, or maybe you might know him as the man who yells Kristen Schaal is a horse. His and Schall’s recurring show Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen in New York City draws amazing talent and happy fans. His IFC show Bunk is sort-of a game show like CBB is sort-of a talk show, and it is worth your attention. Braunohler is the opener for the show, and he’d be well worth the admission even without CBB.

Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang won’t scratch the podcast itch exactly, nor will it be a live version of the IFC show, but it will surely please fans of both. CBB is an improv comedy show that sets the gold standard for what a funny podcast should be, always. If it’s not on your pocket computer streaming to your ears, it should be. The IFC show is different, and also really great.

Fans of the podcast will be elated to learn that CBB heavy hitters James Adomian, and Paul F. Tompkins will also be on the show, along with special guests. (I’m hoping for Huell Howser and Sir Dame Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to make appearances!) It will be a Wednesday of mirth, from top to bottom. August, by the way, is audio appreciation month. That’s a freebie, and a bit of a non-sequitur, but it was on Wikipedia. So there. See you at the show Seattle!


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