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Saturday at the Capitol Hill Block Party

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A few weeks back, we highlighted some bands you need check out on Friday at the Capitol Hill Block Party. On Saturday, July 21st, the bands you need to make sure to check out are  Reignwolf, Grimes, and Helms Alee.


Jordan Cook, a.k.a. Reignwolf, has taken the Seattle scene by storm. He mixes bluesy guitar shredding with soulful vocals and a forceful, stomping bass drum rhythm. Reignwolf is a one man music-creating machine that captures the attention of his audience immediately and never relents, from the first riff to the last drum stomp. Start your Saturday night right by catching this set.

Check him out on the Neumo’s stage at 6:30pm.


Claire Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, perfected her craft in Montreal’s DIY loft culture while being one of the prominent figures of a scene that mixed punk ethos with pop music. Her music combines techno rhythms and beats, sparse keyboard accompaniment, and her beautiful singing. Grimes adjusts all her effects and volume levels on the fly while singing and playing the keys, making her live set feel very organic and heartfelt.

Check her out on the main stage at 7:30pm.

Helms Alee:

Since 2007, Tacoma-based Helms Alee have been rocking the area with their original brand of grunge. This trio that consists of Ben Verellen, Dana James, and Hozoji Matheson-Margullis have made an art out of jamming. They intricately weave their instruments together into melodies and rhythms that are simultaneously heavy and melodic. Despite each member taking turns on vocals the group tends to limit them in favor of more intricate instrumentals. This set is sure to remind you of the Seattle club shows from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Check them out on the Cha Cha stage at 9:45pm.