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Here’s An Unworthy Cause: Donate To Cro-Mags Stabber’s Legal Defense


Harley Flanagan
That’s. Fucking. Balls.

BALLS! Whoever initiated this donations page for Harley Flanagan must need a motherfucking wheelbarrow to carry those humungoid balls around. Holy shit.

What’s next — donating money to finance puppy-drownings?

Harley Flanagan needs to go away. Anyone who would bring a hunter knife to a show and stab and bite people needs to be locked up and monitored 24-7, because he’s crazy and he’ll only do it again.

I’m not saying donate to Randy Blythe’s legal defense. I’ve already done that. But at least Randy didn’t stab people and fucking bite their faces.

Flanagan was arrested in New York City on July 6 after attacking current members of the band. He and Parris Mayhew, the two founding members of the Mags, are not in the band anymore. I think he was none too happy with that.

He was reportedly taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment of a broken leg; he has been charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon. I also bet they gave him a psych evaluation while at Bellevue.

Flanagan is in jail on $25,000 bail.

The big-balled friends and fans of Harley Flanagan have set up a legal defense fund, to pay for his attorney fees and hopefully make his bail.

He could get a public defender; as for bail, I think he needs to spend some time in jail to think about what the fuck he did.

To quote the donations page: “C’mon people, everybody knows Harley, he doesn’t react short of reason. So he didn’t just show up and do things because it was a dull Friday and he was bored. Harley, no matter what you may think of him, has provided the NYC punk scene entertainment since his 1970’s days in the Stimulators. The guy is a legend. And right now he’s up against it big time, and needs a helping hand.”

He shouldn’t have used his own hands to fucking attack people, assholes.

Damn, those balls have to be the size of Kansas.

Meanwhile, the Cro-Mags have issued a statement on Friday’s nastiness.

“WE…as a band are truly sorry for the way it all turned out in every regard — even the ex-member who’s family is now effected by his choices,” the statement says. “Our prayers go out to them as well as Mike C., and the others who were hurt, but it was ‘his’ choice to come to our concert with a hunting knife, standing by our dressing door. Who knows what his actual intent was, obviously he wasn’t there with it to cut bread for a peace offering as he was heard saying outside he was putting an end to us playing without him. Let’s move on now and stop the trash-talking. Keep that PMA — that’s what we are all about.”