Do we really need a day to celebrate deep fat fried tuber slices? A day whose oil-soaked origins are shrouded in mystery, but most likely promulgated by some purveyor of potato products? Of course not. But, please pass the fries anyway.

National French Fry Day is nearly upon us, so start making plans to indulge. Although, it’s hard to call it indulging when according to some statistics, the average American eats close to 30 pounds of french fries every year. Whether you’re overindulging or partaking in an occasional treat, there’s a fry for you somewhere on July 13th.

Where can you get free fries? Red Robin is offering free sweet potato fries. If you’re in Illinois, Tom & Eddie’s has coupons for free fries on their Facebook page, and if you’re in Western Washington, visit an Ivar’s Seafood Bar for free fries with your fish. Check local restaurants and fast food joints where you live to see if any are running promotions. Chances are that many are.

While you’re waiting for Friday the 13th, start thinking about what kind of fries you want. Shoestring, crinkle cut, curly or tornado? Covered in chili and cheese, or served as poutine with curds and gravy? Do you call them pommes frites or chips? Eat them with ketchup, truffle oil or curry mayo? The possibilities for indulging are endless. Celebrate your freedom of choice.

Food Free Fries on National French Fry Day