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Sunday at the Capitol Hill Block Party

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In the last few weeks, we have highlighted some bands you need to check out on Friday and Saturday at the Capitol Hill Block Party. On Sunday, July 22nd, the bands you need to make sure to check out are Kithkin, Porcelain Raft, and Phantogram.


Kithkin burst onto the scene at EMP’s Sound Off! 2011 battle of the bands. This four piece mixes spastic guitar riffs with a plethora of rhythm to create ultra-infectious tunes that will have you dancing the night away. Their shouty vocals and affinity for the woods will take you on a journey through the forests of the pacific northwest. If you are into bands like Animal Collective be sure to catch this set.

Check them out on the Vera stage at 4:00pm.

Porcelain Raft:

Italian-born musician Mauro Remiddi got his start writing short film soundtracks in the late 90’s. He was in Three Blind Mice and Sunny Day Sets Fire before continuing his solo career under the alias Porcelain Raft in early 2010. Unlike the psychedelic pop of his earlier projects, Porcelain Raft sees Remiddi explore dream pop. He mixes light melodies with smooth vocals to create tunes that could easily be used during hallucination scenes in films.

Check him out on the Barboza stage at 5:30pm or on the Neumo’s stage at 9:00 pm.


In 2007, two friends started jamming together and in 2009 they released their first album Eyelid Movies under the name Phantogram. They toured continuously for two straight years before recording their last work, 2011’s Nightlife EP. The duo are known for their raw guitars, dreamy keyboards, and airy vocals. They have become known for their impressive live show while playing all the big festivals in the U.S. as well as a slew of sold out headlining gigs. If there is one band you do not want to miss on Sunday, this is it.

Check them out on the main stage at 6:10pm.