Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin
Proving once again that listening to utter poop can be hazardous to one’s health, a fan has apparently died from being exposed to the music of that awful band Chelsea Grin.

The girl died today, when the Warped Tour rolled through the lovely city of Toronto.

That truly blows. It’s never funny when someone perishes. I don’t mean to make light of it, but fuck man, what else are you going to do? This is GunShyAssassin. We have no fucks to give.

And when shit happens, I like to add levity to the proceedings, because — shit, I hate sad stuff.

The fact is Chelsea Grin’s music may have killed a girl. If Toronto were Prague, they’d be spending the next three weeks in fucking jail.

Free Randy Blythe! Anyways, here’s a Tweet from Chelsea Grin.

“Our hearts go out to the person who died today. We still don’t know everything that happened but it’s no time for jokes on our page,” the band explains.

Notice they don’t say fan. And they don’t mention making jokes on blogs.

All kidding aside, fan reports seem to suggest that the girl’s death was not the result of an injury she sustained during the show…but instead, heat exhaustion or some unspecified medical condition.

Clearly, no one should listen to Chelsea Grin.

  • Guest

    You are an asshole. Nothing to poke fun at. 


    You’re a fucking retard

  • Guest

    How dare you make light of the situation. She obviously appreciated their music and so you are disrespecting her. You may have “no fucks to give” but her family and friends do. Think about what they are going through before you say something so insensitive. 

  • Cavs278

    Fuck you dissing Chelsea Grin’s music.

  • Iwannaturkeysandwhich

    What an exhausting piece. When a writer uses a topic to push a pre-decided agenda, the result is just really, really boring sort-of prose.   

  • Stayg0lden

    bitch was fucked up on pills

  • Giovannicvlls

    Clearly you’re a fucking idiot, just because something is different from the music that is accepted in society today doesn’t mean it’s bad. We rather listen to music created on a laptop or listen to Nikki Minaj say “stupid hoe” over 50 times and it’s an instant classic. It’s disrespectful saying that Chelsea Grin is shit because they worked their asses off to get where they are today instead of just making a YouTube video. Show some respect because people like you is why the music scene is dying.

  • Sumknotz24

    you’re shit

  • dont you think its a little fucked how your making fun of the situation ? what what you do if it was someone close to you…

  • Fuckyou

    suck a dick and burn in hell you disgusting shit eating grin slimeball

  • anon

    Pretty heartless. 

  • Cassiebarnes

    This is ridiculous. Grow up.

  • S-1-1-7

    This really saddens me to see how you can blame music for the death of a human being. Lets say I’m a Chelsea grin fan and I go to a Justin Beiber concert (what im saying here is that to me Justin beiber sounds like what Chelsea grin sounds like to you) No i would not die by listening to his music.

  • OHshit

    your fucking stupid let people listen to whatever the fuck they want and stop bitching about freeing randy obviously you have no taste in music and if i ever see you i will beat the shit  out of you then carve you into little pieces spelt out in the spae of the name the dude your mom fucks behind your dads back

  • Alexisiscool25

    Go fucking rot dumb bitch, Chelsea grins music had nothing to do with her death.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks man

  • YoBlackSheep

    Please, don’t fucking hate on a band because you think they suck, . Stop with your biased opinions. It makes this article horrible.

  • ok 1st: shut the fuck you you have no idea what you are talking about the supposed “poop” music didnt kill the girl. 2nd show some respect to the band they cared enough to stop the whole set. 3rd: they didnt say fan because warped tour isnt just fans bands and crews we’re a family and band knows that. 4th: just cause they arent your type of music doesnt mean you have tobash them and show respect to taylor she died doing what she loved and you should give a fuck about it.

    • HoneyBadger

       1. The fact that she was out in 100+ degree heat to listen to that band?
      Yes, it kind of sort of does; it is their fault for fooling people into thinking they have talent, and her fault for being fucking stupid and drinking /Monster/ when she was thirsty instead of water.
      2. Why tell him he should respect the band, when he has made it super fucking clear that he /hates/ them?
      3. She was a fan.
      Not part of some ‘crew’, not a band member, she was a gods damned fan.
      She paid /money/ to listen to terrible fucking ‘music’.
      4. How does talking shit about a band that /is/ terrible disrespect the chick who died?
      Also, the only one your ‘…she died doing what she loved-‘ statement could be considered true is if what she loved doing was telling common sense to fuck off and attempting to defy death by downing Monsters during a heat wave.
      Obviously, she failed.
      5. Freedom of speech.
      It is a thing, and it is what the OP and I both have that says we can piss you the fuck off.
      Now seriously, do everyone a favor and go back to school, because you obviously dropped out as your grasp of the English language is so gods damn terrible there is no way in hell you could have graduated.

  • Arianna

    It wasn’t even Chelsea Grin’s fault ,stop blaming it on them.
    she died of dehydration.
    Yes,it’s very sad that she passed away .
    but it’s NOT Chelsea Grin’s fault .-.

    R.I.P to the girl who died at Warped.

  • Bradyc32

    lol fuck you.

  • Cassidy Lemmon

    That’s fucked up, you don’t blame the fucking band for a death of a girl that could’ve prevented HERSELF you smartass. Chelsea grin is an awesome band, THEY DON’T make the mosh pit the fans do duuuumbass.

  • guest

    You’re kidding me right? You’re actually saying Chelsea Grin’s music killed a fan? She died from dehydration, not music. Music saves people’s lives. You disgust me in actually blaming this band for this tragic accident. Stop calling yourself a journalist until you actually learn the facts.

  • Dude…..that’s really shitty. You don’t fucking joke about shit like that. It’s okay to poke fun about bands that aren’t that good and to be honest I’m not a big Chelsea Grin fan either, but there’s a certain line you just don’t cross. You should really be ashamed of yourself for writing this.

  • And P.S. I love how you set it so comments need to be approved…because you KNOW you’re gonna get a lot of hate mail for this. And it’s gonna be a LOT worse than what I have to say.

  • Slipknot_465

    You can go to hell for talking trash about chelsea grin. That is all 😉

  • Slipknot_465

    Haha i would love to see you say chelsea grin is trash in front of a bunch of fans.

  • Valk.

    Lol at all the people STILL hating you 2 years later. These kids need to get a fucking life. I’m just looking up Concert deaths for an Honor’s report.

    Btw: Almost every band played at Warped Tour sucks. And yes, I do say that to a bunch of fans. Weekly.

  • Feil-brumana

    How dare you joke about something like that? Are you freaking kidding me? If you or a someone close to you passed away and someone was essentially trying to make it a huge joke how would you feel? This is a piece of s**t article that you should have never written. It is bs to make a joke of death. You. Do. Not. Do. That. Ever. This is seriously the most messed up thing I have seen from a “journalist” in a while. I hope your professional work wasn’t this effed up.

  • Youareanignorantbastard

    I think that this is so disgusting that you are blaming someone’s music for the death of a young girl. Everyone has their own taste of music, but your opinion did not kill her. I have personally never listened to Chelsea grin, how ever I did attended the event yesterday and and experienced the mayham that happened after the tragic event. Her death is not something to joke about or blame on others.

  • Poosmoker101


  • Nixon5671

    Chelsea Grin is trash, Sir.

  • Sean Kyoto

    Much like apparently every other reader of your blog – I have only a tenuous grasp on sardonic humor.  How dare you report news that these people wouldn’t find anywhere else and put your personality into your work, where do you get off?!?!  I mean, you make your lavish millions from this site, obviously, aren’t you worried about pleasing everyone?  I just think it’s a shame that by American law we are required to read this site at least once a day, FORCED to swallow your opinion like rusty razor blades.

    Chelsea Grin sucks worse than Family Circus.

    • christhescribe

      You are not required to read this blog every day. In fact, I invite you not to.

      • Jdouve

         dude, he’s joking I believe

    • HoneyBadger

      I am sorry, I did not know that this site was government mandated reading.
      When can I expect the police to arrive and arrest me, as I have definitely been keeping up with my required reading?
      Really though, no one is /making/ you read anything on here.
      If you dislike it, why the fuck do you keep coming back, you stupid twat mongol?

  • Al

    You have some awful writing skills man. That idea was pathetic, and disrespectful.

  • Bekii6

    are you fucking retarded? How many metal heads were at the show? She didn’t die because of their music, she died because of a seizure. One of the bands even did a moment of silence for this girl where NO ONE fucking talked. Can you just shut the fuck up? And the fact you say no one should listen to Chelsea Grin is bullshit. Their music is fucking brilliant. You’re an arrogant son of a bitch who doesn’t know fuck all. Shut the fuck up you dumbass. The girl died listening to one of the bands she loved. Probably one of the best ways to pass, at a concert that you’ve been wanting to see forever. If you asked anyone at Warped, they would all say ‘It’s so sad that she died. I feel so bad.’ The only heartless person here is you. Go fuck off somewhere

  • imaguest

    youre so pathetic.  music cant lead to the death of anyone. obviously the girl was retarded and probably doing something she shouldnt have

  • Sceneboysbekawaii

    You are truly a piece of shit. No, really. You aren’t even a little bit funny. You’re obnoxious. I hope you lose so many readers and if I ever happen to come across another piece you have written, I will take the time to print it out and spit on it.

  • You sir, are a first class Knob. Go touch yourself in a corner you disrespectful cunt.

  • Kendra

    Fuck you. Chelsea Grin is awesome!! You shouldn’t be telling people they shouldn’t be listening to them!! It is no way their fault that the girl died. If anything its hers, or someone’s in the croud. Don’t hate on chelsea grin, they did nothing wrong. And at least they said their hearts go out to her. And actually posted about her. Chelsea Grin is amazing, and if you don’t see that then your stupid as fuck. Get a life. And stop trying to turn things around to make it seem like it was their fault she died. Btw. Music can’t kill people. Your retarted also if you think that. Grow up, and learn how to tell news or stories the right fucking way.

  • CorpseFister

    Scene kids got offended.

  • Steve Polo

    Seriously mate, stop criticising Chelsea Grin. The girl died because she obviously fucking loved their music. It’s not the bands fault she passed on! It was just tragic circumstances.

  • ChezchRandyOut

    Hello. I never heard Chelsea Grin, so I just plugged them into Spotify and will give my opinion shortly after the song stops. 
    The musicians compliment each other well, meaning while they play a riff, everyone is doing something to make the others sound good. Vocals digitally manipulated, especially the cleans. It’s also boring, the way they write. I feel sorry for the young lady mentioned. If I had to pick one last song, it wouldn’t be deathcore, and mos def not Chelsea Grin. No young life is worth losing, especially at Warped Tour, and definitely during Chelsea Grin’s set. You can romanticize this all you want but the facts show that someone died while a band was playing music. 

  • Natassja in Eternal Sleep

    She probably dehydrated on purpose. You know, dying is really the preferable option to being in a Chelsea Grin gig.

  • RichardVenue

    Yes, it is indeed sad that a girl died, but the Chelsea Grin fanboys need to fuck off. It’s Chris’ blog and he can say whatever the fuck he wants.

  • a very sensitive subject to bring musical taste into.. im sorry to hear about that girl perishing, heat exaustion .. so young

  • Poosmoker101

    mad ’cause he dissed a shitty band and an idiot that couldn’t keep hydrated, swaq.

  • Max

    Just saying… No music is horrible. It’s just not your taste in music. And it wouldn’t be the bands fault, it’d be the people who were moshing to hard and simply beat the shit out of her. Or, as stated, medical conditions. Don’t hate on the band, just because you don’t like them.

  • Johnnyre


  • VelvetAcidLOLS

    LOL at all these people thinking you literally meant the music could literally cause her death. If this is gold, the comments section is unobtanium xD

  • Buriedwithchildren

    WOW. You really struck a nerve with the youngsters this time. These kids have no clue about the metal world that I believe we both came from. I would imagine most chelsea grin listeners also have dubstep in their music collection. To the fellow who said “no music is horrible” you’re retarded. 
    Sorry for the family but these kids only give a shit because she died at warped tour. Metal fans and other people die constantly. Grow a pair you sensitive nancies.
    Maybe the rest of her body was so resistant to being exposed to such horrible music that her brain seized up. Sometimes your body knows the best thing for you…unfortunately for this young lady’s situation her body chose death. 

    • Dude

      i love chelsea grin hate dubstep

  • Phantomsword

    Yup, he clearly thinks that actual music kills people. Just like Chelsea Grin creates complex, original, thought-provoking music…oh wait.

  • Gill

    I would just like to point out, seeing as I was there and watched the whole thing happen, she was on a hill a good 20-30 ft away from the stage. She was sitting behind the sound booth before she collapsed and her friend began CPR.
    It was a medical thing it is just currently not clear what medical condition it was.
    I personally didn’t know the girl, however I would never be so disrespectful to poke fun at the whole situation. If you don’t like a band make a post about the and not the girl who passed away. Anyone who was there can say that watching a girls body go limp as her friend sits there bawling her eyes out in shock is not something you wish to see. And personally it will change my outlook on a lot of things.
    I’m sure if you were the friend or it was your family member you would be more then just a bit mad if some guy decided it would be so funny to poke fun at the whole situation.
    It’s great that you don’t like Chelsea grin, but don’t take the opportunity from someone elses misfortune to poke fun at the band.
    Have some respect.

  • Daniel Tosh

    Chelsea Grin is not metal! A big giant “LOL” at all the wannabe “metalheads” on here.

  • Lexi

    i’m not a big fan of the band, and i can clearly see that you aren’t either, but don’t let your ‘hate’ towards the band give you a reason to joke about a young girl’s death. she died due to dehydration. if you’re a so called ‘writer’ you would post the actual facts, not pointless stories about how people who listen to that music shouldn’t like chelsea grin. the band acknowledged her, and told people to not make jokes. let the band, the fans, and the girl who lost her life be.

  • Seth

    Agreeing with Gill.

    Have respect for more than yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a repulsive person.

  • Have some respect you idiot. I hope someone will laugh at your dear ones death.

  • Jack

    Dear Chris Harris, I am gonna said to If you don’t like metal music don’t said that is awful if you don’t listen this type of music, I respect what kind of music you hear but please don’t insult my kind of music I dont care if you don’t think that this is music but for other people this is a job oo I forgot I am member of a really well know band soo shut the fuck up if you don’t want all this fans, groups etc go and fuck your stupid job that you have that is shit, I make more money than you in one day soo shut your stupid fucking mouth and let us write our feelings in this music you fucking idiot Dick sucker.

  • Reyes Isabel36

    It’s not the bands fault in any way the girl was there & passed away from “heat exhaustion & or a medical condition what does the band have to do with any of this the girl was simply just a fan that came to see them play live lets say you did the same thing and died because of those conditions you would blame the band that doesn’t make any logical sense

  • 123abc

    Chelsea grin had nothing to do with her death you little faggot reporter.. how about you go jerk little little tiny dick off to kenney chesney nigger faggot

  • MCwonR

    All mighty Lucifer heard the brutality of Chelsea Grin’s breakdown, and appeared during their concert and took that teenager’s soul away to join the ranks of Satan as a concubine to the condemn. Hail Satan, the Anti-Christ and the Unholy Ghost forever.

  • Mitch

    Any credibility you may have had for your opinion of the music industry has just taken an ever needed leap out of a 20th story window and came crashing to the ground in a hail of sparks and flame. You have little, if any, right to write about something like this. A girl died, its a tragedy and is not meant to be poked fun of regardless of rumors towards things said by the band, when even you quoted a very heartfelt message from the band you blame in her death. When you twist the death of a girl into more hate columns for a successful band, you need to get into another career field. And when you put in a quote from the band going out to the people and giving their respects and not the other stuff that may or may not have been blogged by them; it really speaks to your reporting ability. Maybe they didn’t call her a fan because they didn’t wish to claim her as a fan in the wake of the tragedy because of the fact that it would have been out of line. She was a girl who died from circumstances that the band didn’t even know about and they didn’t want to detract from the tragedy. You’re a fool to believe you have the right to write this article. Stop being so self centered and open your eyes a bit. Twat.

  • Guest

    FUCK YOU! Music doesn’t kill people you dumbass!

  • That’s someone’s daughter, asshole. 

  • Xllzii

    You guys seem to have not grasped his sarcasm. He doesn’t litterally mean that Chelsea Grin can kill people. He just has no other forum to project his hate for things that aren’t his taste. Chris, you’re an ignorant twat. Im defending your sarcasm, but not defending your writing. You’re just a fanboy who needs the attention while insulting the death of a young girl. Who cares where she was? Because of the fact that she died at a show you don’t approve of you feel the need and the right to make fun of her, and that’s not right. You’re not the high and mighty man you believe yourself to be. Please put both your hands on top of your head and tug as strongly as possible. Maybe then you can remove it from its snug home within your ass.

  • X3sticksticklyx3

    Clearly, nobody should listen to what you have to say. Sorry, but all the shit you just said is false.

  • chriss harris sucks

    Chris Harris… nobody cares about what u have to say about th band.. GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  • Cryogenic Testicle

    Getting butthurt about someone’s contrary opinion shows insecurity.

  • Fuck Chris Harris

  • jonah

    a girl died at warped tour ere in va beach same band and everything but she died cuz she had a heart failure cuz she drank 5 monsters and she was like 300 lbs

  • Bonnie

    You can go fuck yourself. Chelsea Grin is awesome. What does them playing at the time have anything to do w. her death? NOTHING!

  • Zach

    I would like to point out that from wat ive heard it was heatstroke and drinking monster in high heat doesn’t help and personally I’m a huge fan of chelsea grin they are an amazing band and that’s terrible about her untimly death that’s always sad to hear but chelsea grins music didn’t do anything to hear for cause of death its obvious if it was hot especially in 100+ heat that’s insane anyway and in that heat u must drink water to hydrate and if chelsea grin stopped there set for that it shows that there not in for money just for the fans and love of music and there’s a lot of bands that would be like oh well let’s finish for the check amd say only sorry about that. I went to the warped in noblesville on the third and met the whole chelsea grin band and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met and they waited for a hundred or more people in line to sign cds shirts hat and posters and to be in pictures of there fans that were patient for them and lead sing of chelsea grin Alex Koehler said before leaving the stage said “indiana we aren’t here for us to play music or get payed we are here for all the fans to watch us for entertainment and for the love of us and our music so indiana I hope you enjoyed us and warped tour. Thanks for your support and have a good fucking time” so its ur opinion on there music and everything but I would like to say for someone who says that against them withoutmeeting them and talking shit, FUCK YOU. So the cause of her death most likely dehydration and heat stroke so pay attention to details and research before u talk shit and FUCK YOU and open your mind before your mouth you stupid bitch. Just because they r famous and have fans doesn’t mean u need to be jealous of there success and use ur misery to talk shit and say false claims and lies so dumbass research them and wat happened before ur mouth talks to much shit for ur ass to handle getting kicked. Ur talking shit on the internet, its possible to research before making a fool and joke of ur self. U fucking dumbass