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Panama Gold, Ticktockman, and the Mothership @The Tractor Tavern Thursday 7/19

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It’s easy for me to guess where you’ll find yourselves this weekend. The only answer is Capitol Hill Block Party. So, why not start your weekend a day early at The Tractor Tavern with some rock and roll sure to make your head rattle? This Thursday, July 19th spend $7, load up on whiskey at the bar, and pack the floor for three Seattle bands that are well worth the trek to far away Ballard.

Headlining Thursday night’s show is Panama Gold. After seeing them play an Everett Initiative show a while back, I can personally attest to their dynamic power on stage. They put on a live show at a larger than life caliber, ricocheting from one edge of the stage to the next. Seemingly unconstrained by gravity, their rock and roll is the sort that Seattle is slowly but surely becoming reacquainted with- it’s strong and smart, and allows a listener to get lost in the guitar licks. Rock and roll is coming back to our streets, and Panama Gold is helping to bring Seattle to its rock roots.

The band that I am without a doubt most excited about on this bill is Ticktockman. Since their full length came out in February (available here), this is the soundtrack that defines the days I find myself just plain pissed off. It’s moody, and each song smoulders into something that would scare the hell out of Smokey the Bear. What gets me about this band is the balance struck between vocalist Ryan Van Wieringen and the rest of the band. His voice isn’t what I would classify as heavy, but the stuttering of the guitar (Andy Lum) and thrashing on the drums (Brock Lowry) bring out something in this record that gets my blood boiling thanks to the restless combination. Ticktockman combines songwriting that catches your ear, while the force behind it I’m sure will leave bodies gyrating in front of the stage. There’s a sex appeal in this record, and live this band might be just the sort that Seattle needs to finally get a crowd to do more than just stand there and blankly stare.

Opening this show is a third local rock band, The Mothership. This band is a perfect act to start the night with- staying on par with Ticktockman and Panama Gold in terms of talent but they add some flair to the evening. Their music is less classic, rock and roll and a little lighter. They ease the listener into the rest of the evening, and are without a doubt the right opener for a night like this. Check out their song below, and get there for their set stating at 9pm.

Seattle is finally starting to open its doors to heavier music, and fans are welcoming it with open arms. With each act on this bill, the audience is going to be taken aback by the passion they bring to their sets. This isn’t the sort of music you’re meant to sit back and observe. Get sweaty. Ladies, don’t you dare wear heels. Drink whiskey. Drop the pretenses that litter most Seattle shows. GET SWEATY. Bands like these will show you what a real rock show should sound like, I hope that concert goers will help show these three bands what a Seattle rock show can look like. Buy tickets here for only $7, and I’ll see you there to pre-funk Capitol Hill Block Party.