Adam Cohen (son of Leonard Cohen) will be on tour this summer with Rufus Wainwright and Josh Ritter, one of their stops including Philadelphia’s Penn’s Landing River Stage on July 25th.  Cohen released his fourth album, Like a Man, in April of this year.   It is a fairly substantial departure from his previous, more pop-driven efforts.

After having released his debut self-titled album in ’98, a French language album in ’04, and another album released the same year, Ex-Girlfriends, Cohen really channeled his emotional and musical honesty for Like a Man. The album is an elegant compendium of rigorously genuine love songs, eloquent poetry, and sparse but beautiful arrangements such that each instrument complements the other almost perfectly.

At one point after having made his first three albums, Cohen was distraught regarding his success as an artist, and ultimately took a break from the music scene.  But during his hiatus, three very important events triggered his return.  One of them was “…the sobriety that came with successive failures”.  Cohen strove more for success in his initial output than creating genuine music- music he believed in.  His initial music efforts delayed his embracing his true voice.  The second stimulus was his father’s return to performing in 2009.  To see his father standing on stage in his late 70s really inspired him, and imbued him with admiration.  The third and most important inspiration for Cohen’s getting back on the musical bandwagon was the birth of his own son, Cassius.

Patrick Leonard recorded Like a Man with the musicians playing together in the same room, which lends to the record’s warmth and musical synergy.  Playing with Cohen is Don Was on upright bass, the Sonus Quartet, and Jennifer Warnes singing vocal harmony.  The simple but thoughtfully-written guitar work is so gentle and stream-like, providing a winding backbone for Cohen’s soft, low-end voice.  He effortlessly evokes empathy and image-heavy stories with his mellifluous melody lines and well-crafted lyrics.

The Penn’s Landing stage is located at 1212 Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia.  Tickets are $39.50 and can be purchased through

“What Other Guy” on Youtube

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