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Capitol Hill Block Party: Friday Cheat Sheet


One of the best ways to experience the Capitol Hill Block Party is to keep moving, happen into stuff, follow your Spidey sense. Another is to have a plan. To know who you want to see before you get there helps a lot. There will be crowds, and hard choices. The fun starts tomorrow.

The first show on the Main Stage will be Father John Misty. That’s not to be missed, and it starts at 4:00PM However… Fitz and the Tantrums will be at the KEXP Barboza stage at 5:30. Getting to see all that dapperness at an intimate spot like that might be worth forgoing FJM. Your call.

(If you’re like me you’re looking forward to hearing this echo off the Hill’s streets and buildings.)

At 7:30PM Fly Moon Royalty will be at the Vera Stage. This Seattle soul and hip hop duo make it so it’s impossible not to dance.  They’re local, and there will be other chances to see them around town, but a big part of the Block Party is to celebrate our local talent. Seek them out.

You’re also going to want to make sure you spend some quality time in the Cha taking in some deep weirdness. Vox Mod will be filling the room with bleeps and boops and fuzz at 6:45. Here’s a link to his Bandcamp. I can tell you that there was lots of excited strange music in that room in 2011. This year we can only hope for more of the same.

If you have an open mind and a nice place to stand, then camping out at Neumos, or the Cha, or Vera is a good way to discover new music. Unless you can clone yourself it’s going to be a matter of decisions. See the cresting waves of people at the Main Stage, to be sure. But make sure the smaller stages aren’t ignored. There’s gold in them hills.