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CHBP Day 1: Fly Moon Royalty Makes Our Hearts Dance


Sometimes it’s worthwhile to stay in one spot at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Following the stripped-down hip hop that was Spac3man, Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty took the Vera Stage next. They self-describe as electo-soul, which is pretty accurate. It’s two people, Vocalist Adra Boo, and DJ/Emcee Action Jackson, and between them they make some amazing music. All of my favorite FMR songs could be roller skate jams.

This being their first CHBP, it makes sense that they were a bit nervous during their first couple of songs. That shyness completely abated by the time they were halfway through their set. Adra started to move, and go full-bore with her vocals. They are as much R&B as they are electro, with songs that feel first Motown and then Devo — all of it full of handclaps and lookie there, that’s your hip shaking.

Because sometimes Capitol Hill earns its reputation as the center of coolness in Seattle, FMR finished their set by doing a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back.’ Coming from Adra the booty song got redefined. Much in the same way that ‘Ironman’ sounds very different when the Cardigans perform it instead of Black Sabbath, FMR’s ‘Baby Got Back’ is about ten thousand times better than the original. (No offense Mix-a-Lot.)