The Vera stage at the Capitol Hill Block Party often showcases up and coming talent. One such talent today was the emcee and producer Spac3man. Since 2008 he’s switched hats from producer to emcee, and he proved today that he can make a crowd of strangers dance in the daylight.

Spac3man really earns the label of emcee. He gets right into the crowd, standing on a stage monitor and demanding that we put our hands up and feel the bass in our chests. We have to earn it. He made us let him know we were ready to hear that ARAB music beat, that we’ll dance and love it. To his credit, it’s pretty impossible not to dance.

For his last song Spac3man took off his shirt and walked into the audience. The people made room for him. A circle of people formed, like a cypher. It was polite at first, with the camera phones raised all around. Before too long though, the people were jumping, and dancing, and Spac3man made his final song a jam that left a great taste in the mouths of everyone present. As he walked out of the crowd he was greeted by smiles, handshakes, and he walked like he was ten feet tall.

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