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CHBP Day 2: Onuinu at Neumos


image credit: Suzi Pratt, all rights reserved

The second day of the Capitol Hill Block Party sold out. It was the longest day, with a wide range of performances on every stage. To get to see some of the shows at the indoor stages meant planning ahead, and staking a claim to a couple of square feet of real estate. One of those indoor shows was Onuinu in Neumos.

Portland’s Onuinu is a like a perpetual motion disco machine if it was made with spare parts following an apocalypse. Their music is a hybrid of laptops and old school samplers, electronic drums played by humans, and digital back-up tracks. It’s very danceable with four on the floor drums, but it’s all covered in glitchy fuzz. Dorian Duvall’s voice comes through with very little pretense. It’s honest, and bright. In the band’s recordings Duvall’s voice is a little buried in the track, but it comes through clear. In Neumos his voice was a bit overshadowed by the rest of the music; it came through like a rumor you wish you could hear. Still though, you could hear the music compelling you to dance, or at least not your head.

The middle of the afternoon is as good a time on a Saturday as any to start dancing. That’s what Onuinu brought to the CHBP. Boys and girls of all makes and models were dancing together in the big sweaty box that is Neumos. Some of the details of Onuinu’s music were lost, as happens at festival shows, but they got across point that this is a party, and parties need people dancing.