Kithkin image by Suzi Pratt All Rights Reserved

Kithkin is a band where everyone has drums. Lead singer Ian McCutcheon goes the full Phil Collins with singing and drumming at the same time (no small feat) and the keyboardist, guitarist, and bassist/lead shouter all put aside melody occasionally and drum together. All that was missing was a bonfire in the middle of the audience.

During the first song where everybody on stage was playing drums, keyboardist Bob Martin ran into some poncho trouble. He ended up taking it off to reveal his bison tattoo on his chest. There might have been a plan all along there. It’s a pretty sweet bison.

During a song where McCutcheon kept shouting “the devil is inside you” over and over, bassist Kelton Sears was crowd-surfing and playing at the same time. That was maybe the third song. By now those new to Kithkin knew to clap along, and probably had a pretty good notion that they’d made a good choice on which band to see at 4:00PM. These guys channel everything from Paul Simon to the Pixies, and have a neck vein-popping good time doing it.

Kithkin image by Suzi Pratt All Rights Reserved

“It’s time to get interactive,” came the shout from stage. Then McCutcheon went to the audience with a gym bag full of shakers and maracas and cowbells. Excitement swelled. They invited the newly deputised Kithkiners on stage, and the show went full drum circle for a few minutes. After the song was over those audience members gave back their sticks and shakers and Kithkin finished out their set. There are many hours of CHBP left, but this show has got to be high in the running for best of Sunday. Seek them out.

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