Hot Bodies in Motion at Capitol Hill Block Party, All Photos by Amber Zbitnoff

You know what would have sucked? If a band with a name this great was crap.

Hot Bodies in Motion at Capitol Hill Block Party, All Photos by Amber Zbitnoff

I’d heard of local band Hot Bodies in Motion before and had been meaning to give them a listen, but it wasn’t until I was prepping for Block Party that I bothered to check out their album. Let me tell you, if you haven’t given them a chance yet, stop whatever you’re doing right this second and go take a listen. But back to my point- their Block Party performance.

After becoming completely addicted to their bluesy, baby-making music in a matter of days, I was extremely excited to see them live. So much so that I skipped Beat Connection’s set in order to be pressed up against the fence for their Vera stage performance. Sunshine pelted down, and it was as if blissful delirium set in amongst everyone in the crowd. There’s sex in lead singer Ben Carson’s vocals, and the crowd just ate it up and as I looked around me, I’m sure that several couples probably ditched the concert for a moment to go get busy. The band just oozes sex appeal with their bluesy guitar riffs and flirtatious drumming. They’re the perfect band to blast as you strut down a city street in a sundress or skinny jeans, in case you’re looking for suggestions.

Hot Bodies is noteworthy for a reason beyond sex appeal. They’re as great to watch as they are to listen to. They are showmen, through and through. Front man Ben Carson at one point took off from the stage to climb onto the wobbling fence and shake his tambourine while belting out into the crowd. It was one of those rock and roll moments that was just cool to see.

This set is one that goes down, without question or hesitation, as one of the best of my weekend. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you weren’t, get your ass to Summer Meltdown in Darrington, WA and see for yourself.

Home Culture Review: Hot Bodies in Motion @ Capitol Hill Block Party