Nude Pop at Capitol Hill Block Party, All photos by Amber Zbitnoff
Nude Pop at Capitol Hill Block Party, All photos by Amber Zbitnoff

The annual local music competition for young bands, Sound Off!, has done it again- crowning a band with promise as its winner. Showcased on the Vera stage on Saturday afternoon, Nude Pop was this years winner and did their best to win over the mid-sized crowd in front of them. Last years winners, Kithkin, have been making strides throughout town to be one of the premier Seattle bands around, and Nude Pop’s performance and sound shows that we’ve got another success story on our hands. Based on their performance, I’m sure we’ll be seeing their name more around town, despite the fact they’re from Spokane.

The Stranger had labeled this act one of Block Party’s “Must-Sees,” and upon arriving to the stage and making my way to the front, I felt like I needed to love this band the way a mother loves a child- possibly because I’m fairly certain that none of them look old enough to grow chest hair. Don’t ask me why, but looking at these guys shaking like twigs on stage, their nerves showing like hearts on their sleeves, I just wanted everyone in the crowd to love on them. Lucky for me, I didn’t need to give my fellow concert goers the memo because after the first two songs, Nude Pop had earned a place in the hearts of seemingly everyone. I heard more murmurs of “oh, I really like these guys” during this show than just about any other. Their dreamy, pop vocals soothed and excited audience members across the board- this music was perfect to listen to in the mid-afternoon heat. And listening, you’d never guess this group was new to the scene. They provided an interesting, modern, and most importantly relevant sound to my afternoon. The music they’re making fits in incredibly well in the Seattle music landscape, but they’re distinct enough to stand out.

In between songs, the lead singer chatted with the crowd, letting us know that they were changing their name from Nude to Nude Pop due to other bands calling themselves the former. The banter came off as innocent and endearing- the sort of nervous jabbering that happens on a first date. Nude Pop wanted to charm us into a second encounter, which they certainly did. They come off as harmless and unpretentious- proving they’re from Spokane and haven’t yet been too hardened by performing to stationary Seattle crowds. They got the crowd bobbing back and forth with their dreamy vocals and catchy guitar riffs, their upbeat music was just perfect for starting day two with.

Listen to their songs on Soundcloud here to see what I mean, and I think it’s safe to say you should plan on hearing more from them in the coming months.

Culture Review: Nude Pop (Formerly Nude) @ Capitol Hill Block Party