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Drone Exclusive Song Stream: "Deepest Red"


You want this
Want to hear some high quality thrash?

I thought you would.

That’s why today, we are bringing you an exclusive track stream from Drone, with one off of their forthcoming new album, For Torch and Crown.

Germany’s Drone are just fucking awesome. They’re just awesome. And the track at the end of this post — a ripper called “Deepest Red” — is proof of it.

The song is going to make you wish you were in a moshpit. Or a prison riot, wielding a sharp shank you made out of soap. Either or.

For those that don’t know, Drone have released albums before. They’ve even toured with Overkill, Pro-Pain, and Ektomorf.

In 2007, the band released Head–On Collision, and then in 2009, issued Juggernaut.

For Torch and Crown will be released through Metalville Records on July 31.