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Photos of Phantogram @ Capitol Hill Block Party

Phantogram @ Capitol Hill Block Party, All Photos by Amber Zbitnoff

Since fellow Culturemob writer Tom Mohrman wrote such an excellent article on Phantogram‘s performance Sunday at the main stage (Found here), you probably don’t want to hear too much from me. However, let me reiterate his point- Phantogram is a band that your friends are probably all talking about for a reason. This duo is magnetic and making music that is catchy without being pop. It’s not rock and roll, but it’s not electronic. It’s this perfect blend of base, guitar, keys, throaty vocals, and pitch perfect high notes that is capable of both turning on a crowd and simultaneously turning your limbs to jello.

Their performance at Block Party wasn’t without glitches- they had a delayed start due to mysterious sound issues, and female singer and keys player Sarah Barthel seemed rattled to anyone who was close enough (and sober enough) to pay attention. But, overall this was exactly the set that concertgoers wanted from the pair including hits from their albums as well as new material.

I’d highly suggest you go back and read Tom’s article, linked above, as it goes into greater detail. However, for your viewing pleasure please take a look at our photo gallery featuring photos by Amber Zbitnoff.