Reignwolf, All photos by Amber Zbitnoff

Is it just me, or does Seattle seem suddenly flooded with incredible local acts? Capitol Hill Block Party this year was centered around great nationally touring artists, but more than ever before it appeared as though the bookers responsible pulled from the artists they interact with on a regular basis. One such local musician that has been gaining buzz around the city is Reignwolf, also known as Jordan Cook who played a Chase Jarvis set, one at Barboza, and finally filled Nuemos to capacity Saturday.

When asking my fellow festival goers who they were looking forward to seeing, I kept hearing the same names over and over. And, often, they were the acts playing the main stage. After they rattled off Phantogram, Father John Misty, or Major Laser, I’d often hear them stammer about how they’d been hearing so much about this new guy, Reignwolf.

After his Sasquatch performances (both in the Gorge and in the campground), fans and critics united around this new Seattle artist, giving him the sort of hype that most new artists dream about. Mostly because he seemed to come out of nowhere. And now, here we are a month after Sasquatch, and the guy was given THREE slots at Block Party. That’s kind of a big deal. But, there’s a reason for his sudden rise into the Seattle sound stratosphere- he’s just that talented.

Watching him live is frankly the only way to experience Reignwolf in all his glory. He’s a machine. No, he’s a force. A sweaty, high impact, wailing, powerhouse who can hold a crowd’s attention based not only on his skills on the guitar. Reignwolf gives any performance everything he’s got, and when his legs are giving out and his fingers worn down, only then will he stop. He reminds me of Wolverine- viciously shredding his guitar and protecting us all from evil, in this case that evil being mediocre music.

Nothing about Reignwolf is half-assed, he’s probably the most authentic performer to grace Seattle in a very, very long time. Hence why rock and roll critics and fans alike are flocking to him, and helping him gain as much momentum as possible. Reignwolf has that Jimi Hendrix spirit in him, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Culture Review: Reignwolf @ Capitol Hill Block Party